Stair Lift Reviews

Stair lifts are utilized for the purpose of transporting people up and down stairs without them having to climb the stairs. Typically, the individual will sit in a chair-like conveyance, while the stair lift moves up and down on a track that is attached to the staircase. People who are wheelchair bound, are incapacitated or injured, and pregnant women are ideal candidates for such devices. These devices are found in homes, shopping malls, businesses, restaurants, hospitals, and other places that have more than one floor.

stair lift reviewsOne of the most prominent lifts found are wheel chair lifts. One of the most common if this type, is one where a wheel chair, or chair is already attached to the lift. This process can be somewhat problematic, since the person to be transferred must be mobile enough, or have assistance, to transfer from the wheelchair in which they arrive at the lift, to the chair on the lift, and then back to the wheelchair when arrival at the new floor occurs. Usually, the wheel chair would have to be carried up or down the stairs to the new destination, which further complicates the difficulty of using this manner of lift.

A different variety of a lift has a platform which the wheelchair can simply be rolled onto a platform, where a gate is closed. When the person arrives at their new floor, they simply roll out of the caged platform and be on their way. The person in the wheelchair needs no extra help with this device.

Stair lifts that operate in a person’s home offer convenience to anyone who cannot climb stairs and who are otherwise incapacitated. These devices are easily installed and are dependent upon home electrical resources, which would of course, make them useless in the face of a power outage. There is a warranty on most of these kinds of products, and they can usually accommodate people weighing up to 300 pounds.

Stair lifts that are second hand in nature, can be purchased from individuals who no longer need them, for a very good discounted price, although there would be no effective warranty and no installation available by the original company. Now, some of the stair companies are offering refurbished second hand chairs with limited warranties, at reduced prices.

People who have limited mobility, especially when going up and down stairs, eagerly welcome stair lifts because the stair lifts allow them to lead a more normal life. Consequently it is possible to obtain reviews of various stair lifts in order to get a better idea and understanding of what is available and working for other people. By reading a review that is written by an actual customer who has used the chair lift himself or herself, a potential buyer can gain a better understanding of what is available. This information can be useful when contemplating the purchase of a chair lift.

Stair Lift Reviews and Purposes

The installation of stair lifts in hospital settings provides a more comfortable and sensible method of transporting people from floor to floor, without the inconvenience of waiting for an elevator and with ultimate safety and care for the incapacitated patient or individual. The hospital stair lifts are hefty enough and built so that they will accommodate various sizes of people and conveyances. Stretchers, wheel chairs, rolling beds and other forms of equipment are carried on these lifts.

In office buildings, stair lifts can quickly move people who are immobile up and down floor levels without having to wait or be inconvenienced by elevators. Time is saved and the individuals who are involved can safely be transported in comfort. There are many varieties of stair lifts that are able to be conveniently installed in multi-storied office buildings and hotels. The lifts can be self operated by joysticks and require little to no supervision. These lifts are more reliable than elevators and they do get around waiting for the elevator and the closed-in feeling from riding in one. The stair lefts can be placed in a convenient location, so as to make them accessible for anyone who needs to use it.

In most cases, the installation of a stair lift of any variety can be an expensive proposition. They usually have to be customized to the point of accommodating the individual and the individual needs that the person has. It is very important for individuals and their families, or for business organizations to do their research properly, so that they understand the plusses and the minuses, and the use for, and the products that are available for that particular use.

Stair lifts will help physically challenged individuals regain a good bit of their freedom that was lost by whatever affliction that has caused them to be unable to go up and down stairs in a normal fashion. In homes, most stair lifts come in two varieties, a smooth or straight life for straight staircases, and a curved stair lift arrangement for curved staircases. The installation procedure will require a representative from the stair lift company to visit the home and make an estimate, while assessing specific needs that may be present.

Finding the ideal stair lift for a particular situation requires due diligence by the individuals purchasing the product, and input from the person who needs the lift. Once all of the needs and requirements are assessed, then the stair lift can be installed. The key to a successful experience with your stair lift is the proper planning with a forward look at what the stair lift can provide in accordance with those needs.

The feeling of independence and freedom that immobile individuals experience when they are able to use a stair lift, is like a night and day experience for them, as they don’t have to be confined to one section of a house. Their ability to get around from floor to floor does wonders to their outlook on life and their ability to function normally.

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